What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that is saved on a computer every time it accesses a website and which has information that is helpful in providing an improved browsing environment. This website uses cookies in order to make its use more convenient.

We do not use cookies to store personal information associated with you or to harm your computer.

Cookies used by

Below is a list of the types of cookies that are currently used by this site.

1.Language cookie: It is used to select the language. (Currently only Japanese pages exist.)

Cookie used by third party services

1.Google Analytics Coremetrics Analytics: It is used to collect information about how visitors to this site use it. We use it so that we can improve this site. The cookies collect information in an anonymous manner such as how many visitors there were, which sites visitors came to this site from, and additionally which pages they viewed.

Cookies Management

If it is necessary to remove the browser's restrictions or blocks on cookies, one may do so through the browser's settings. For details, please use your browser's help function.